Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Bleak Teesdale

A shot of the iconic white barns of Teesdale, shot in very bleak conditions about a month ago.

Under the arch

A shot of Richmond Castle taken from under one of the arches of the Green Bridge.

Oil Seed Rape

I'm always a sucker for a panned landscape, It's a good alternative take on the colours that show in the countryside throughout the year. I hadn't managed an Oil Seed Rape shot last year, so on a relatively sunny day, I thought it would be worth a try.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Rainy day Macro

On a rainy bank holiday, the idea was floated to try and take some natural light shots about the house, using the 100mm macro. Despite a lack of particularly interesting subjects, I managed to conjure up a few photo opportunities.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Hartforth Sunset

A little spot only a few miles away from Richmond, that I had never really investigated up til the weekend. I'm always a sucker for a lone tree, this one caught my eye as I cycled past the other day. With a clear evening, and some lovely textures in the field, I thought it would be good to try and work a shot of it.


The last of the recent work shots. A little insight into procrastinating on a Saturday

Richmond Castle

Being a resident of Richmond for 18 months, it was somewhat of a travesty that I had not been inside the castle grounds as yet. Fortunately, another work excursion allowed me a couple of hours away from the office, to work up some shots from the Castle. It was just as impressive as I had hoped, though the empty space inside the grounds made it tough to work a good angle. I quite like the angle of the second shot, but it certainly needs another attempt, for me to try and improve the composition.

Aske Estate

A shot I took for work recently to capture one of the building on the estate for the new website.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Hardraw Force

A couple of shots taken from behind the falls at Hardraw Force, looking through to the sun picking out some of the electric greens of spring.

Donington Historic Test Day

An impromptu day free from work, meant that I had the time to head south, in the hope of catching the test session at Donington in preparation for the Donington Historic Festival. Despite somewhat inclement conditions, I managed to catch quite a bit of testing on track, and although the weather was not conducive to a grand day out in the sun, it was still a very enjoyable trip.

Friday, 2 May 2014

TAC Rally 2014

Following a week of chasing cars around France, a lengthy day travelling north from Bourgogne facilitated a little trip to Belgium to catch some rallying before an evening ferry back to the UK. Having heard great reports about the quality and variety of Belgian rally entry lists, we were certainly not disappointed. A thick fog in the morning made for a quite disconcerting atmosphere, with WRC cars popping and banging their way through the mist. Following a bout of electrocution from an electrified barbed wire fence, the haze soon lifted to reveal some top notch rally action.