Friday, 13 September 2013

Richmond Long Exposure

Decided to go for a couple of shots up Slee Gill, despite not really feeling it as a location for shooting the castle. The light turned good just for a minute, before falling dark, but gave a nice splash of colour to the long exposure.
I have a black and white version which isn't quite finished yet, but I will add over the weekend, as it looks like there won't be much chance for shooting with gale force winds and driving rain forecast.

Trying a different view

Out trying to find some alternative views of Richmond. I have cycled along the lane here, and often thought it was an interesting view of town, but never taken a camera with me. One evening, the late sunlight was turning a nice colour, and I thought it was worth a shot trying out. I am not sure about the composition, I think returning with a longer lens on might be worth a shot too. Still, another one in the bag

More St Mary's

Some of the other shots from the trip to St Mary's Lighthouse last weekend.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

St Mary's Lighthouse

We made a trip to Whitley bay at sunset at the weekend, and though the sunset was hampered by some low cloud, which prevented an outbreak of colour, there were still some nice tones in the sky.
A couple more will follow.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Richmond Falls

I never spend as much time shooting the falls in Richmond as much as I should. Last week we decided to make a trip down with the camera, and for once, it was devoid of people. It gets busy down there over the summer month, and with good reason. It is a lovely spot to chill and watch the world go by.
I decided to not slow the shutter as much as I could have, to try and retain some detail and movement in the water, without blowing it all out.

Straw Bales

Disappointingly the bales didn't stay around for long in the fields, with rain forecast shortly after the cut, so I wasn't lucky enough to catch the bales along with a great sunset. Still I thought it was worthwhile taking some shots regardless, as I find them interesting subject, and an interesting dimension to the landscape.

Black Nab - Saltwick Bay

A couple more shots from the early morning voyage to Whitby. This time, looking south towards Black Nab, the rock formation that rises out of the sea at high tide.

Dunstanburgh Rocks

A more usual take on the castle at Dunstanburgh. Took me a while to get this right in Lightroom, but eventually I feel quite happy with the end product.


A view of Dunstanburgh Castle from the northern bay, taken with a 10 stop filter to smooth out the water, and add some texture by revealing the rocks underneath. Plus a black and white conversion to add to the bleak mood.

Lighter Whitby

A re-edit of one of the Whitby morning shots to try and bring the foreground up a little lighter.

Sunday, 8 September 2013


As per the title. Just a section of driftwood that caught my eye as the early morning sun fell on it.

Whitby Leading Lines

A very early morning to Whitby to catch sunrise, resulted in some golden light, but yet again, I paid no attention to the tides, and the features I hoped to capture weren't accessible.
Still it gives a good reason to return again soon, and I made do with some great leading lines to Saltwick Nab (the whale shaped rocky outcrop in the background).

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Superstars at Donington Park

The main event of the day was the two Superstars races. The races were over far too quickly, but there was some great racing, and a few photo opportunities to boot. It just makes me realize that 200mm and f4 is not nearly enough to get the shots I would like at Donington!

Auto GP & GT Sprint - Donington

Shots from the great supporting races at Donington. The Auto GP cars were very similar to F1 in the drama they brought. Ear splitting noise, some great racing, and very high speeds. The GT Sprint, despite a very low grid of 8 cars, still provided some great racing action, and some lovely machinery on track.