Tuesday, 16 April 2013

BMCRC Brands Hatch

Another weekend, another Brands Hatch trip.
Was planning on heading to Lydden Hill to check out the British drift Championship, but work called, and I was on taxi duty for the day. Fortunately taxi destination was close to Brands, so I managed to get a few hours in the sunshine watching some racing.
Nowhere near as enthralled with my shots from the day as previous meetings, but I spent more time sat in the sunshine and watching some good racing, so it was more of a day out than a photographic journey.
Anyway, a few shots!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

BSB Brands Hatch

This blog is becoming quite Motorsport orientated at the present time.
Took another trip to Brands Hatch to cut my teeth in shooting Motorbikes. Was more of a change from shooting cars than I expected, with the subject smaller in the frame, and seemingly moving a lot quicker.
Really, I could have done with a bit of extra reach on the front of the camera, but the dream of a 300mm or 400mm prime are still a VERY long way off.
It was a good day out, and, with a bit more reach, Brands would be a track I could really enjoy shooting at.