Monday, 14 January 2013


Disused Farmhouses near the Village of Hurst, North Yorkshire

First Light over Richmond

Got up to photograph the Castle at dawn, but the spectacular colours were not present. It was mighty cold waiting for the sun, as I got there about 30 minutes too early.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Fremington Edge

Just before the rains rolled in. A cairn on the top of Fremington Edge in the Yorkshire Dales.

Winter colours

A brief glimpse of the sun gave life to the hillside colours on Fremington Edge, near Reeth.

Grey Skies over Wensleydale

A lovely roadside view in Mid-Wensleydale, spoilt only by the way the sky seems as if it has been erased from the photo. Will be a good spot for early morning light though!

The end of the road.

A couple of shots from the end of Swaledale at Muker. A spot to visit again when the rains clear.

Hardraw Force

Apparently Kevin Costner took a shower here in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. I have not seen it in ages, but I shall have to check it is the same place.
Tinkering about in the rain with the ten stop filter, 6 minute exposures, 6 minutes for the camera to register the information meant I was here for about 2 hours and only got 6 or so shots in total.

Swaledale Sheep

The sheep of Swaledale are noted for their ability to brave the heavy extremes of weather that get thrown at them, and have a reputation for being particularly hardy. I think they must run and hide in a disused barn every time it turns cloudy.

An Icy Cascade

A small, pretty frozen cascade at the side of Wain Wath Falls.

The Zig-Zag

There will be lots more of these to come in the future. The stone walls and barns of Swaledale


One of hundreds of old stone farm buildings that litter the landscape in Swaledale.

Wain Wath Falls

The light was too bright on the falls to make anything of a good shot, which was a shame, as the ice discs would have made a nice lead in to the shot.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ice Lily Pads

In the deeper water, the surface had frozen into quite large discs of ice, looking not dissimilar to lily pads.


 The shallow water at the side of the River Swale had hard frozen, and made for some interesting ice shapes

The Swedish Sofa

The Saab has been enjoying getting to grips with driving some more interesting roads.

Good Morning Swaledale

Leaving Richmond, heading West. After climbing out of town and driving along the hillside for a few miles, the first glimpse of Swaledale in the morning is a pretty good one.

Kisdon Force

More waterfalls from the Yorkshire Dales. Upper and Lower Kisdon Force, near Keld. After the recent rainfall, the water was flowing pretty quick.

Catrake Cascades

A couple of shots from the lower cascades at Catrake Force

Upper Catrake force

Yet another entry for the waterfall diaries. This time, Catrake Force, just outside of Keld, North Yorkshire

Icy Reflections

Pulled over in a layby, to get a couple of shots of the morning light reflecting on an old farmhouse, being reflected in the frozen floodwater in a low lying field.

West Burton Falls

A little gem this, tucked away in a quiet corner of a sleepy village, I got there as the light was lowering, and there was not a soul about. A really beautiful spot, which I am sure will be good to revisit throughout the seasons.

Golden Dales

My first experience of the Yorkshire Dales, bathed in the afternoon light.

Cotter Force